The 3-foot circle is one of golf’s “holy grails” like the 300 yard drive or breaking 90, 80, 70, or 60 depending on your skill level. Simple Golf Product’s 3-foot circle® is a short game practice aid to help the golfer improve their putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker play skills.

Our 3-foot circle® practice aid includes a disc of the same diameter as a golf cup; 4¼”. To use the aid, first remove the pin in the cup and place the disc in the top of the cup. Next take the string attached to the rotatable post set in the center of the disc and extend it out along one of the colored radial lines found on the top of the disc and which projects from the center to the edge of the disc. A ring is attached to the outer end of the string to assist you in doing this. When the string is straight (it does not have to be pulled taut), place a marker (coin, tee, ball marker) on or in the ground just to the outside of the ring. The marker will be three feet (3’) from the outer edge of the disc or cup.

Proceed sequentially around the cup repeating the above steps at each radial line. When you are finished you will have defined a circle having a 3-foor radius (6-foot diameter) about the cup. Now remove the disc from the cup and replace the pin. Depending upon which disc you have used, you will have 8, 10, or 12 markers defining the circle.


Putting: Place a ball adjacent each marker and putt it into the cup. As you proceed around the 3-foot circle you will have to make straight putts; uphill, downhill, and side hill putts; and putts that break left-to-right and right-to-left. One drill is to have to make all the putts (8, 10, or 12) in a row. If you miss, you have to start over. One multiple major winner has said that, in preparing for tournaments, he does this practice drill until he makes 100 putts in a row. Once you have made all the putts in a row, you simply set the balls in a circle slightly further back (1’-2’) from the markers you placed and repeat the drill. This helps you get comfortable consistently making putts from slightly longer than 3’, further building up your confidence.

In practicing long putts, your goal is to have all the balls you putt, from whatever distance you putt them, finish inside the 3-foot circle.
Chipping, Pitching, Bunker Play: For these drills, since you will typically be playing from distances further from the hole, we suggest using white tees for your markers because they are more visible from longer distances. The goal, for each of these types of practice, is to consistently have the majority of your shots finish within the 3-foot circle, and increasing that number over time.

Good luck.



Only got one chance to practice and the following day I had zero three putts and made all the 3ft putts I had. Looking forward to practicing to see if it all lasts.  Took me 5 times to make all the putts on the first try. Really seemed to help me keep my head still and follow through. This one looks like a winner.