golftips-teeofftipsWhen teeing off, your goal for the ball is to get it in the air with as little backspin as possible. Create enough power to keep the ball rolling when it lands but don’t over-do your swing. The most important thing to remember in the swinging process is that power and strength come from the mechanics of your stance. It does not come from how hard you swing the club or the tighter your grip is. The distance your ball will travel comes from the speed of the club head so make sure you spend some time focusing on this.

If you are using a driver while teeing off make sure to keep your swinging plane low and not too high. On the other hand, when using other clubs you will want to swing creating a high arch. Let your hands lead your club through the swing and make sure you follow through it. Some beginner golfers tend to stop their swing as soon as the club hits the ball but do not do this.

As far as the perfect grip goes, it is simply about resting your club in your hand and not squeezing it. Look down to see what your hands look like gripping the pole. If you are able to see more than two, maybe three of your knuckles then you are holding it wrong. This is essential because if it is not fixed, it will cause a hook. After swinging the club look down at your divot, if your divots appear to be facing the left or the right this tells you that your body is positioned wrong.

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