golftips-sandtrapsMost every golfer has come across a hazard on the golf course known as a bunker. When this first happens, you instantly wonder how the heck am I going to get out of this! Well with some pointers and practice you will be as ready as can be when this happens to you again. Remember the sand shot is not about power, it is about the mechanics.

First try to analyze the sand, the color of it, depth and texture. This will help because if the sand is damp or wet it will have a different effect on your hit in case you practiced this in dry sand only. Remain in a crouch position throughout your shot and do not use your shoulders to swing. Slide your front foot back two inches from where you would normally have it placed when swinging. Using your sand wedge for the majority of your bunker shots is a good idea.

Choke down on the club with your hands and make sure you are swinging it in the direction you want the ball to travel. Keep your hand pressure the same as a normal pitch shot, it does not have to change because this is a more difficult shot. Definitely do not dig your feet into the sand before swinging and when you do swing, you will want to take some sand with the ball. The biggest action you can take to better this shot and prepare yourself is to just simply practice it.

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