golftips-puttingBefore you even putt, take a look at the green and see how the layout of the course is set up. Pinpoint where all of the sand traps and ponds are, look at the hills to see the size and depth. The better you know your course the more confident you will be. Practice hitting your ball towards your target in which does not have to exactly be the hole. Always remember that short and long putts are equally important. They are both needed to make a hole, so not one is more important than the other.

Check to see how you are holding your putt. The way that you hold your putt will make the biggest difference and should not be squeezed throughout the putting process. The club should feel as if it is just resting in your hands and you are barely gripping it.

As far as your stance goes, there are certain ways to have yourself set up to achieve a successful putt. Although to some golfers it is about comfort instead of effectiveness, but they have learned to putt from their personal stance and what feels right for their body. In the average stance your feet should be placed eight to twelve inches apart with your body in an upright position, and only your shoulders and neck slightly bent. Before swinging, stand there and look over the ball. Adjust your feet to the right placement and focus on what direction you want your ball to travel. Steadiness is also important in helping you focus because any slight, unwanted movement of your body can throw off your entire swing.

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