In order to fix a slice, first you must apply light pressure to your grip and make sure that your club is open on impact. Then, check to see that the club is resting across your fingers. If the club is resting across the palm of your hand, you must fix it. As you being to swing it is important to keep the club in the middle of your sternum. If you complete these steps and you are still having trouble, three actions you can then take are as followed: shortening the shaft, adding offset or fixing the left angle of the club.

The first step in fixing a hook is to look at your hand and check the position of it while gripped around the club. If only two knuckles of your hand are visible, then you are holding your club the correct way. A hook can also be the outcome of a grip that is too tight or too strong, this is why each step is important. Next, try to pay attention to the position of your body. It should not be too far to the right or left before your swing. The last action is to make sure the club face is not crooked at the top of the back swing, so when you swing you will hit the ball square on.

Upon following these steps you will be well on your way to improving your skills in preventing a slice or hook. So remember, try to relax when swinging because the more focused you are, the more accurate your shot can be.

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