The most important point to chipping in a short game is to softly carry your ball to the target. Slow down your swing a bit, but when doing this make sure to pay attention to the rest of your set up. When golfers slow down their swing they then tend to relax their wrists which is not what you want to happen. The power for your swing comes from the turning of your body, back and fourth. Keep in mind that your hands are what is leading the club face in your swing and also, your downswing. The position of the ball before your swing should be back in your stance. The process upon hitting the ball is to actually hit the ball, then the ground.

Another good idea is to practice playing with several different clubs and get a feel for each one. Then you can calculate the outcome of each one, the more prepared you are the more confident you will be and the better you will do.

Like chipping, you want to keep the ball resting back in your stance when there is no obstacles between the ball and yourself. A good strike is the most important aspect of pitching so spend a lot of time focusing on this. When hitting the ball, your follow-through should be longer than the backswing. On short pitching your body weight should shift from your back foot and follow through to your front foot on the downswing. In all short game shots, you should keep your eyes on the ball until the club comes into contact with it.

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