golftips-distanceWithin the game of golf, one might think that the harder you swing the club, the further the ball will travel. This statement, in fact is false. The focus is on the positioning of your swing. Some important things to look at is that the force you are applying to your swing is coming from the center of your body, your arms are relaxed as you come into contact with the ball, and after the impact your left arm and club are straight. When swinging and the shifting of your weight, your hips should not sway. The golf swing does not have a big hip turn on the follow-through but make sure it does not carry on to the backswing. A little exercise that can help is visualizing there is a pole shooting straight up from the ball, before you swing your left shoulder is behind the pole and after the swing your shoulder ends up in front of the pole. The proper position of your left knee also has a big role in this swing. To achieve greater distance it must be stable, not leaning inward and facing the exact target of the path of your ball.

Checking and correcting some of the smallest actions can make the biggest difference. For example, the placement of your hands around the club. Take time to confirm that they are placed in the right spot and position. Thumb pointed up is a good position, thumb pointing down is not.

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