GolfThere are many different golf clubs and each are unique in their own way. When participating in a game of golf and you are needing to hit your ball as far as it can go, the woods is the best putter for this. Woods with higher numbers are more lofted than woods with smaller numbers. The higher numbered Woods should be used when teeing off. You should also use these clubs to hit the ball in the fairway. When picking out a driver you should always remember that shorter is better than longer. That is very essential and will make the difference in your game. Though the average driver used in the PGA Tour is 44.5 inches, drivers usually run bigger than that.

After you hit the ball and it lands on the course anywhere from 200 yards or less from the green, an Iron is your best option. Use one of the middle irons like 4-, 5- and 6- if the ball is resting 150 to 170 yards from the hole. When purchasing a golf set, they usually only have 3- through 9- iron because the 1- and 2- are so difficult to use. Upon trying to hit the ball and make it travel high in the air then use a wedge. If the ball lands around 130 yards from the green, use a pitching wedge. If you hit the ball and it happens to land in tall grass or in the sand then you will need to use a sand wedge.

Putters are the clubs that get used the most in the game of golf. Though the standard size of putters is around 34 to 35 inches tall, they come in a variety of sizes. These clubs are described as to come in the form of a flat blade or a mallet with a flat surface.

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