Callaway has named this brand as the top-selling brand for irons, since the year of 2010. In 2011, it was awarded many gold medals in many categories by Golf Digest’s Hot List.

This brand has produced the most used driver in the PGA Tour for the past ten years. In 2010, named this the top-selling brand in woods.

This brands putters, wedges and irons were noted as the most used during the first five PGA Tour events in 2011. Titleist received the “Mixed Metal Iron Design” award for its AP2 Irons, by Golf Tips.

This brand has received many different gold metals from the Hot List. Tiger Woods is the face of this brand.

This brand is recognized for receiving gold metals for it’s driver and wedge from the Hot List and was named as the top-selling brand for wedges by in 2010.

This brand received the Award of “Top Craftsmanship” for it’s MP-58 Irons, by Golf Tips. Mizuno has received many other favorable reviews.

This brand has received many gold metals by the Hot List in multiple categories and also received the “Speed through Geometry” Award by Golf Tips.

This brand was named as the top-selling brand for putters in 2010, by

This brand received the “Radical Wedge Design” Award for it’s Ping-Tour-W by Golf Tips. Over time there has been many other clubs that have made the Hot List.

This brand has several clubs that are noted by the Hot List. Over the past years, Cobra has become the fastest producer of metal woods and irons.