A driver is also called the 1 wood and has the lowest loft of any golf club. You use this club when driver
teeing off on a hole. This club will help you get the longest shot possible over using woods, wedges, or irons. There are different sizes but the average size used in the PGA Tour is 44.5 inches. The heads of drivers also come in a variety of shapes. This club got the name “driver” because it is the club that you use to drive the ball off the tee.

Some different types of drivers are alloy drivers, stainless steel drivers and forged titanium drivers.

Alloy Drivers
The shafts of these drivers are made of either stainless steel or graphite. An Alloy driver would be the best option for a new golfer that is not very advanced at the game yet. Get one with a big club head because it will be better for you and they are very affordable.

Stainless Steel Drivers
This type of driver is the heaviest of them all and is usually the most commonly used. This driver is made to accommodate seasonal golfers and players who want to have more control than normal.

Forged Titanium Drivers
The shafts of these drivers is made with lightweight graphite and have titanium heads. They are quite expensive but very much worth it so if money is no issue for you, definitely get yourself one of these. They are bigger in size but more lightweight, they are mainly used by professionals.