Golfevents-USopenThe U.S. Open first began in 1895 where it was held at the Newport Golf and Country Club. Over all of the years it has been held, this tournament has grown to become one of the four major golf competitions in the world. This tournament is always guaranteed to be held on the best golf courses. The U.S. Golf Association holds the U.S. Open and the winner each year receives the U.S. Open Trophy. The first championship ever was 36 holes and throughout the first 10 years, the U.S. Open had mainly British immigrant players. As more and more golfers traveled to the U.S. to participate in this event, the more popular it became.

Over time the U.S. Open became such a big deal in the golf world that they had to start selling tickets. In 1922 ticket sales started being sold to the public. Then in 1924, participating golfers had to qualify instead of just signing up. This also had to do with how populated the U.S. Open was becoming. In 1977, the amount of people involved took off because this was the first year the U.S. Open was broadcasted on television by ABC Sports. Within five years in 1982, ESPN’s network aired the first two rounds on live television. Finally in 1995, NBC took over full, live coverage.

In 1926, the format of the game transitioned from 36 holes in two days, to 18 holes in two days, with 36 holes being played over a three day period. Today the format that they use is 18 holes played over a four day period and this started in 1965. Now there are more than nine thousand golfers that sign-up but they have to meet the proper requirements to participate.

U.S. Open
U.S. Open Golf

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