golfevents-britishopenBeginning in October 1860 when the first British Open Golf Championship took place, it is now the oldest of the golfing worlds’s contests. This is the only golf tournament that is not played in the United States and is often referred to as the Open Championship. Some history to this golf tournament includes the fact that it has been active every year except for three short time frames, one being during World War I.

During the first ten years of the British Open, the winner of the championship would receive a red leather belt with a silver buckle as their prize. This winner would then be allowed to have possession of this belt for a year until the next years winner, then hand it over. They did this because there was not a prize fund until the third active year. The winnings then consisted of $50 that had to be distributed evenly throughout the first through fourth place winners. In 1872, the Claret Jug was introduced as the Golf Champion Trophy.

In 1892, the amount of people participating in the British Open increased so much that organizers extended to 72 holes played over a two day period. Nowadays the professional golfers you see on television playing in tournaments, championships and touring are fulfilling their careers. Back in this championships first years it was populated by greenskeepers, club makers and caddies just trying to get what income they can.

In 1995, American John Daly was named champion and the Open was classified as an official PGA tournament. Since his win, Americans have taken over the leader board including golfer Tiger Woods. Woods is presently the number one rated golfer in the world and won his first in 2000. He then went on and won back-to-back in 2005 and 2006.

British Open
British Open Golf

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