bunker-buddy-disc-475-150x150The Bunker Buddy® made of soft rubber material, helps you practice hitting the ball out of the sand. Watch the video above as we demonstrate how to use it. Below is a close up photo. If you are interested in purchasing Bunker Buddy, please check out our Store Page for purchase details.

editors-choiceAs pointed out in an article in Golf Digest® Magazine, “What’s true for all golfers is this: Once we get in bunkers, we stink at getting out.” Bunker Buddy® helps you practice hitting your ball out of the bunker and on the green in one shot. Place a Bunker Buddy® disc directly behind your golf ball, then swing your club so it enters the sand just behind the disc as shown in the Bunker Buddy® video. The ball will propel out of the bunker on a cushion of sand. No more blading the ball or getting stranded in the sand!

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