Why Simple Golf Products?

Simple Golf Products™ is a company dedicated to providing all golfers, men and women, young and old, low handicaps and duffers simple, low cost, easy-to-use practice aids to help them improve their games. Here are the reasons you should be using our products:
  • Low cost, high quality products
  • Improve your game for under $10
  • Easy to use
  • National & International Shipping
  • Recognized by national golf publications

What Our Users Say

The target discs provide a simple yet effective was to practice all aspects of the short game. This training aid will be able to give you an instant temporary target during the course of a practice session. Proper alignment is vital to hitting better golf shots. The ability to customize the unit also makes it very appealing to companies, golf teams, and golf facilities.
Barret Martens, PGA
The Bunker Buddy is a great teaching aid that can help any level of golfer that has trouble from with bunker shots. It allows the golfer to get a vivid visual where to have the club enter the sand to effectively get the ball out every time.
Barrett Martens, PGA
This (Target Discs) is a wonderful product for the visualization of the complete short game. From inside 20 yards you can have a great target to play to for landing at a specific target or pitch and release to. It truly helps to feel how the length of backswing with acceleration can help you with distance control.
Bryan Glenn , PGA Professional
A great visual, (Bunker Buddy) allows you to see the area where the club should enter the sand, making no contact with the disk. Splashing the sand and disk, onto the green and close to your landing area. It makes you realize that contact with the sand is what you want.
Bryan Glenn , PGA Professional
I have struggled hitting consistent shots from the sand for years. But after many lessons, I was still never able to confidently repeat my sand shots. That was until I was introduced to Bunker Buddy. My friend and inventor, Joe Muller, tossed it into the bunker and said, “try this”. On my first swing the ball came out high and soft just where I imagined it. To his surprise, I picked it up and put it in my bag. The brass ring showed up and I grabbed it and so can you!
Jeffrey Lapidus
The Bunker Buddy is awesome.

Now Available Online & In Stores

Our products are available to order on our online store. We provide international shipping to reach all of our customers. Our products are also available to purchase through Dick’s Sporting Goods and in all Golf Galaxy store locations. Don’t hesitate to purchase your Simple Golf Products today and start improving your game!

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